So ever since I can remember I have loved to write , different pens and pencils and types of paper- still 40 years later I do that very same thing everyday. There is something for me that allows me to first get all the yuck I pick up throughout the day , or write about the good stuff.  But if I am being completely honest My life is filled with so much drama in one form or another it's like I have a beacon flashing 24/7 saying come take advantage of memememe!!!

I do really like helping people don't get me wrong but people will use you and abuse your kindness these days and never bat an eye.... Well there is a lot to my story  how I became the Queen of drama but I'll save that for another post. When I write I say things in my head that no human should  have falling from their lips , But I feel better afterwards that's for sure, journaling for me has gotten me through some of the roughest times in my life. And probably are about the only thing that keeps me from going batshit crazy on my family. It is my one true friend , my calm , my vision board, My safe place when Im feeling overwhelmed.

It is my hope that more people will find the time to slow down , remember what its you want (it is not always about everyone else ) And remember who your were before the World grabbed you up. Go back to ideas you had as a kid , rediscover those lost passions you once had. It feels amazing !!!.

Before I go I go I know everybody's going to have their opinion and you are completely entitled to your opinion I will not disagree or shame anyone for that but before you go smashing someones effort to put themselves out there , discover their dreams , and passions just remember I am entitled to mine too. I will be the first to tell you openly I do not blame anyone for the drama or issues I have in my life that's all on me I allowed it to start , I allowed it continue but what I don't have to do is allow it to continue. So I Fall Forward( Denzel Washington ) and take a leap.

Just FYI come back for updates because not only is there drama , there are lots of good times too and I have an amazing way to make a horrible situation into a comedy show when I tell it over again. Thanks for taking time to read my words, hear my story with humor , tears and laughter. 


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